How to get my5 on LG smart TV?

In the following segments, you are served with the solutions, plus the reason behind not working of my5 doesn't work on LG smart TV.

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Picture yourself having friends around, and you guys want to watch your favorite TV shows on channel 4, my5 & ITV, and even after hours of searching for them, you couldn’t find them.
You could be thinking that what is the use of buying a 65 inch LG smart TV, even when I can’t stream to my favorite channel.

However, stop stressing.

In the following segments, you are served with the solutions, plus the reason behind not working of my5 doesn’t work on LG smart TV.

How to get my5 on LG smart TV?
There are two popular ways for getting my5 on LG on a smart TV,

a.The first is buying the TV stick.
The benefit of buying the TV stick is that you will be accessing more content as you can download even more applications.
However, the con is that you will need to have an extra socket by the side of your LG smart TV.

b. The second is the LG browser.
However, before installing the my5 app, it would be better to confirm with your nearest store LG store because the 2020 LG TVs disagreed with the complimentary view; that’s why the applications like my5 channel 4 weren’t added.

But the good news is that applications like my5 are made available for the LG smart TVs, and to access the entertainment, first, you have to create a login account; otherwise, my5 will not be working on your LG smart TV.

Steps to download my5 app on LG smart TV:
• Take a tv remote & press the home button.
• Here, you will be accessing the LG content store.
• Now, each app belongs to a specific category, and to access that app, first, you have to select the application category available at the top of the screen.
• Now, select the my5 app.
• Read the details, terms & conditions of the my5 app & press install.

Let’s picture that you don’t want to download the my5 app and directly access the channel from the internet, and then you can follow the steps given in the next segment.

How to get my5 on LG smart TV?
• Take a tv remote & press the home button.
• Keep scrolling until you reach the browser.
• Next, press select.
• In the search bar, type the URL.
For example, hub/ITV
• If you wish, you can log in or sign-up.
• Bookmark the tab. You will find the bookmark option in the top right of the menu bar.

Pro tip:
If you don’t want to log in or sign-up, my5 will not force you to do so. But it will be better for you to log in before you start watching my5 on laptop or other devices because then the software can suggest better programs depending upon your watching history. It will be easier for the system to memorize your favorite shows.

Imagine after installing the my5, after some time, it’s either not working or lagging. In this case, you will encounter 3 or 4 possibilities & they are:

  1. Problematic internet connection
    If you’re experiencing buffering in streaming the content, you must check the device’s internet connection. For accessing the my5 services, the internet speed must not be less than 2Mbps.
  2. My5 server is in maintenance mode
    If your my5 is not working on LG smart TV, the server may be either down or in a maintenance period.
  3. Asking for updates
    After installing the my5 app, it may be asking for updates. So, you must update my5 apps. Otherwise, you will not be accessing the excellent versions while everyone else is using them.

Pro tip:
How to update the my5 app on LG smart TV?
• Click the home button on the LG smart TV remote to access the LG content store.
• From there, click on the apps >> my apps.
• A list of your apps will be available. Either you can click each of the apps and see whether the update is available or not. Or update the apps of your choice. Or, click select all to update all the applications in a single time.

Although the above-given guidelines are specifically for LG smart TV, you have a browsing option in your TV; the earlier taught steps can work with any brand TV.

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