Jury Finds Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty in 5 Out Of 6 Sex Trafficking Trial

Jury Finds Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty in 5 Out Of 6 Sex Trafficking Trial - My Geek Score
Jury Finds Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty in 5 Out Of 6 Sex Trafficking Trial - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: A Jury in one of New York’s Federal court has proved Ghislaine Maxwell guilty in five out of six sex trafficking charges, and the jury consists of equal participation of men and women, i.e., six all.

The jury has proved the involvement of Maxwell, a 60-year-old American woman, in the sexual abuse of minor girls in 1994 and 2004 by her fellow American friend, Jeffrey Epstein, also a financer.

Maxwell was in-charge of luring a minor girl to travel and later plighted coitus without her consent.

In addition, it is manifested that Maxwell also occupied in the same for that period.

Maxwell chose to be quiet during the hearing session in her back-up, and Alison Nathan, the Judge, punished her for 65 years. However, the jail sentence date isn’t fixed yet.

Current Updates:

Maxwell’s lawyers are still hoping to plead as they believe that Maxwell is innocent and for sure not satisfied with the verdict. Also, the lawyers are working hard to prove Maxwell’s innocence.

Damian Williams, U.S. Attorney, said that he is very proud of the girls— now the grown-up women, for their courage to step out in the court and be vocal about the misdeed with them. He also said their bravery and courage were the driving force of the case and its fruitful outcomes. He also added we need women like them.


One of the victims, Carolyn, told the court that Maxwell touched their boobs, hips, and lips and said she has the great body to satisfy Epstein and his companions.

Kate, also a victim, said that Maxwell often spoke to her on sexual topics and invited some of her friends.

The involvement of Ghislaine Maxwell in child sex trafficking was proved in court. Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend, attracted minor girls for her boyfriend and his companions.

Epstein was found guilty by a Florida state court in 2008 for the sexual abuse of minor girls and later released on bail.

Again in 2019, he was caught under the sex trafficking charges and died in suicide after one month of prison.

His former girlfriend and now a friend Maxwell, were arrested in 2020, and she is the in jail ever since.

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