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New Year’s Eve Celebration Will Be Scaled Back Said By Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York. Once again covid -19 is creating doubt on New Year’s Eve celebration throughout the globe. And in new York it’s a highly –predicted annual time the square ball will be “scaled back,” will host only 15000 who are fully vaccinated and masked guests.

New Year’s Eve Celebration Will Be Scaled Back Said By Mayor Bill de Blasio - My Geek Score

Most of the people are changing their plans altogether however health experts are saying that this is the time to stay safe be at home or there are many ways to celebrate safely. Or with this it’s mandatory for all to wear mask and their identity proofs at the outdoor events said by blasio’s.

It would be much appreciable to create gathering in smaller groups, people with 10 or less in every place where distance could be maintained .if somehow its exceeding Wear a mask .and follow the protocol.

As covid -19 is going to impact all the sectors New York city bar and restaurants are majorly cramped by omicron variant  pandemic but they are moving with full safety and added precaution .

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Maura Lusardi  and Luigi who are  the owner of uva  on the Upper east side said we are much more careful and its mandatory that everyone is fully vaccinated. As many people are looking for reservations for outdoor seating in restaurant’s or dining areas also in case of an emergency uva will not take any cancellation charges As we are noticing that there are very few people in the street and a very less people are coming in. so we are somehow worried but may be its just for some days and things will be alright soon said by Lusardi.

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