Michigan High School Shooting: 3 Students Died & Many Are Injured

michigan high school trap shooting

My Geek Score: On Tuesday afternoon, at Oxford high school in Suburban Detroit, terror ran over the school when a 15-year-old Sophomore opened fire around 12:51 pm. Within 15 minutes, 11 people were shot with the semiautomatic handgun, bought by the suspect’s father four days before the incident for safety purposes. Among the injured 11 people, three are dead, and the rest are fighting for lives as they are highly injured.

Police officers blocked access to roads near the high school.

The authorities identified the dead as Madisyn Baldwin (17), Hana St. Juliana (14), and Tate Myre (16), who died on the way to the hospital & it is also confirmed that the majority of the injured people were his fellow class students except for a 47-year-old teacher. “I was just kind of sitting there shaking,” said Dale Schmalenberg (16), who was in his Calculus class with his teacher when he heard the first of many gunshots, and the teacher immediately locked the classroom door; as “I didn’t know how to respond.” Confession made by the teacher.

After witnessing the long terror minutes, students were fleeing from the school & terrified parents were reunited with the children in either the nearest grocery store or any other safe place. In the first few minutes, the chaotic scene of Oxford high school left everyone confused. As a part of protocol & training, teachers & students barricaded doors & windows & later, students hid under the tables, and some quietly informed their parents & friends over a text. Bu not so late, the teacher asked the students to jump over a window and run for life.

Authorities said that the suspect did not aim at a specific person, nor the motive is defined. The 15-year-old suspect is now in custody & is refusing to answer any of the questions. In addition, considering his minor age, his parents didn’t want the authorities to talk to their child directly, so they hired an attorney. In addition, questions like other people involved in the gunshot & the secondary suspects are unanswered. Read More

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  1. As they were coming down the hall, they saw him. He put his hands up, they took a gun and they took him into custody

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