Biden Warns Putin of Sanctions if Russia Invades Ukraine

Biden warns Putin of sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine - My Geek Score
Biden warns Putin of sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: In recent weeks, warnings about the Russian invasion of Ukraine are all over the news, and the response of the west’s reaction gave rise to a heated debate.

On Tuesday, in a two-hour digital meet, both leaders talked about several issues, such as nuclear security, Ukraine invasion & more.

On that, the USA president Joe Biden told the long term Russian president Vladimir Putin that the United States of America would take “strong economic actions plus increase military in the areas bordering Russia and Ukraine.” if Russia further tries to cross the Ukraine border.

The sources stated that Russia wants Ukraine to accept the interpretations of the Minsk agreement or face war.

As a result, Ukraine will no longer be a sovereign state- it’s either conquered or surrendered.

Biden warned Putin that If Russia tries to Invade Ukraine further, then the USA & its European allies will respond with concrete economic measures. Additionally, “we will provide additional defence materials to the Ukraine”- Sullivan, national security advisor.

Putin moved more than 90,000 troops to the Ukrainian border to answer the statement. The US suspects that Russia is preparing for conflicts, but nothing is official.

What Economic Sanctions we are looking at?

First, economic views are the disconnection of Russia’s banking system from the international SWIFT payment network.

Second is the termination of the opening of Russia’s Nord 2 stream gas pipeline (supply of natural gas), which is currently waiting for the approval of Germany’s energy regulators.

Why is the United States favouring Ukraine?

US assistance to promote the unfair political and social methods towards Ukraine is highly appreciated, plus the step is seen as the urgent need of humanitarian rights. In addition, the US has always encouraged the transition of Ukraine towards a democratic society with a tremendous economy. 

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