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US Announces Diplomat Boycott for Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Over Human Rights Abuse

US Announces Diplomat Boycott for China Winter Olympics 2022 Over Human Rights Abuse - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: The Winter Olympics chaos has begun worldwide, especially among Chinese residents, as this year, China will be hosting the Winter Olympics in its capital province Beijing. 

As of now, eighty countries are participating in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and athletes are prepping with full potential. 

However, in all chaos, USA and Britain are calling a political boycott for the Winter Olympics 2022. However, the athletes can still participate if they wish to, and the USA administration will support the participating athletes. 

On the contrary, India, and Russia, the close allies of America & Britain, support Beijing’s Winter Olympics 2022 and have not mentioned any diplomat boycott. 

In addition to the Winter Olympics, the White House also boycotts diplomats for the Winter Para Olympics 2022, happening in Beijing. 

“The White House clearly states that this protest is an alleged human rights violation” – Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary. 

Plus, the Psaki said that the diplomat boycott doesn’t help the concerns about the human rights violation & forced labor in the western areas of Xinjiang, keeping in mind the Uyghur population and other minority groups. China is still answerable to the world. 

To this, Mr. Zaho, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Information Department said that” I want “to stress that Winter Olympics is not a stage for political manipulation” in a press conference today. 

The self- ban of US government officials in Beijing’s winter Olympics and Para Olympics 2022 is raising the stress hormones of the Chinese government and on Chinese social media, Weibo, “US diplomat boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics 2022” search “s censored as of Tuesday.  

Not to surprise, it’s not the first time the USA is boycotting the Olympics. In 1980, the United States of America entirely boycotted the Winter Olympics when Jimmy Carter was in administration. 

For the background, winter and Summer Olympics are separate events in the same year of the calendar (four years apart) as a concern for the increasing cost and respect to the ancient origins of the Olympic Games.

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