Two Hippos in Belgium Zoo Tests Positive for the Covid-19: The First in its Species

Two Hippos in Belgian Zoo Tests Positive for the Covid-19 The First in its Species - My Geek Score
Two Hippos in Belgian Zoo Tests Positive for the Covid-19 - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: On Friday, Antwerp zoo, located in Brussels, Belgium, vocalized the reporting of two positive Covid-19 cases in a pair of hippopotamuses. 

Immediately after the reports, the Hippos are in isolation for the time, and their enclosure is closed for the people until they test negative for Covid-19. Yet, it is unclear how the two hippos, Imani (14) and Hermien (41), have caught the virus.  

“To my knowledge, it’s the first recorded case among Hippo species. However, throughout the world, this virus is mostly seen in great apes and felines,” said Antwerp zoo’s vet. 

Hippopotamuses generally have runny noses, but out of curiosity, Vercammen (Antwerp zoo vet) decided to examine the thick liquid coming from the nose, and the results were shocking. However, how the pair got the disease is still a mystery. 

A little back story; last year, when all the zoo animals were tested thoroughly for Covid, the results were negative. Well, it’s not the first time animals have been caught with this deadly virus. 

This year, in November, at Nebraska zoo, three leopards were infected with the virus and died. In addition, 9 Tigers and Lions were tested positive but soon recovered. 

Some zoos in the USA, one in Oakland and Cincinnati, vaccinated their animals against the deadly Coronavirus. 

The security system in and around the zoo is tightened to prevent further spread among the animals and workers. 

Plus, the zookeepers are required to put on a mask and safety glasses while contacting the Hippos. In addition, the zookeepers are instructed for the frequent disinfection of their feet and hands to protect themselves. 

The President of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) said that animals had achieved a high recovery rate in a shorter period despite their species. At the same, Hippos are on steroids and antibiotics mixed in their food to fasten the recovery process.

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