US Government Avoids Shutdown Hours Before The Funding Deadline

us government avoids shutdown hours before the deadline - my geek score
US Avoids Government Shutdown Hours Before The Funding Deadline - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: Last month, the newly elected USA president, Mr. Joe Biden, passed a policy where the large-scale businesses (employing more than 100 people) require workers to be vaccinated against the Corona virus. If not, then regular tests are compulsory. 

Otherwise, the penalties are 14k dollars per violation, but policy implementation is on hold due to incompetent lawsuits. 

At the Thursday assembly meeting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, criticized the GOP demands by saying, “We are not going to go for their anti-waxing. So, if you think that’s how we’re going to keep the government open, forget that.” 

Addressing the statement, both congress parties passed a bill on Thursday to fund the government and avoid a government shutdown before the Friday deadline. 

A group of Republican representatives could not digest that the Democratic Party would use the federal money to mandate workplace vaccinations mandatory in Biden’s administration. Plus, the Republican senators have forced a shutdown after they threatened to delay the bill passage in the upper chamber, but the amendment failed 48-50. 

“The president’s order will displace a significant number of workers.” – Sen. Roger Marshall, who represented the amendment, and Sen. Mike Lee. 

On the contrary, late Thursday, the senate passes the government funding by 69-28 votes on a short-term, leaving Congress with more weeks to work on the funding plan of an entire year. 

 “The government will stay open.” – Schumer.

How will the Federal Shutdown affect us?

During the administration of ex-president Donald Trump, the shutdown lasted for 35 days in and later, brief shutdowns were followed in January & February 2018. 

In the following year, if the federal shutdown happens, then the white-collar managers/ employees, custodial staff, clerks, park rangers forcibly have to take time off without the payment. 

In addition, Federal agencies funded places like national parks, museums; IRS offices will be closed until the new announcement. However, essential services like military & air traffic control will not suffer.   

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